Birthday Photos

Like I mentioned in my previous post, today was my birthday. Well, actually it was yesterday, since it’s already past midnight.

I had a very nice day. The weather was sunny and warm, and because of the Easter holidays, I didn’t have to go to school either. So I went for lunch with my parents and my uncle, who is single at the moment, since my aunt is at the hospital. We went to an Italian restaurant, which we all like. Besides, it’s the only restaurant in the area that is open on Mondays and that isn’t McDonald’s, a diner or a chain restaurant.

I also got some very nice presents, mainly books as well as a very pretty necklace. Okay, so I had actually preselected the books myself on Amazon, but still…

Anyway, I promised some photos and here they are, behind the cut:

Wrapped Presents

Wrapped Presents

Unwrapping presents

Unwrapping presents

Unwrapped Presents

Unwrapped Presents. See all the pretty books.

At the restaurant

My Mom, my Dad and my uncle at the restaurant


Me showing off my new peasant blouse

My Mom and me

My Mom and me

Antipasto platter

The antipasto platter we all shared

Spaghetti Vongole

Spaghetti Vongole, which I had

Tortellini with tomato artichoke sauce

Tortellini with tomato and artichoke sauce, which my Mom and my uncle had

Liver with onions

Liver with onions, which my Dad had

Pearl Hyacinths

And some bonus pearl hyacinths

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5 Responses to Birthday Photos

  1. Estara says:

    That looks delicious! So now I’m hungry *sigh*
    I was wondering why you weren’t wearing the new necklace?
    You haven’t read Carousel Tides yet? Yay for enjoying it for the first time ^^
    I liked Rebels and Lovers quite a lot, too.

    • Cora says:

      I’m pretty sure you were the one who pointed me to Carousel Tides. As for the necklace, it is a present from my aunt and uncle (well, I suppose my aunt picked it), so I only got it at the restaurant. And yes, the food was delicious.

      • Estara says:

        Well, I ate something nice after that ^^, heh.

        Are your dad and his brother twins, by the way? They look really similar on the first photo.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if I WAS the one tell you about Carousel Tides, I have been recommending it right and left. Have I recommended Barnburner and its sequel Gunshy to you yet (staying with a theme of Maine and Sharon Lee)?

        • Cora says:

          No, there’s actually an age difference of more than nine years between my father and my uncle, though there is a definite family resemblance. Furthermore, my uncle looks much younger than he actually is (my Dad, too, for that matter) and he was quite pleased to have been mistaken for the twin of his youngest brother.

          I don’t think you recommended Barnburner and Gunshy yet, but they have been duly noted and just went on the books to get list.

          • Estara says:

            ^^ – I hope your dad could live with that, too!

            The face shape is very similar and so are the hair cuts and hair colours, at least from that picture up there.

            You won’t be disappointed with the mystery series – the books are about 120 or so pages, like a category romance, basically, but they’re really good – well it’s Lee.

            Gah… BAEN just released the e-Arc of Ghost Ship, so now I’m $15 poorer.

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