Yes, we had electricity back in the dark ages

One of my students has recently become obsessed with The Poseidon Adventure (a.k.a the disaster film about the capsizing luxury cruise ship). He keeps drawing the Poseidon about to be hit by the monster wave and fantasizes about making a sequel.

When he first started talking about The Poseidon Adventure and how awesome it was, I asked him which version he had seen, the old one or the new one. The boy was confused, because he didn’t know there was more than one version.

I said, “Well, the original version was made back in 1972 and it was a huge success at the time. So successful that they remade the story a few years ago. So do you know which one you’ve seen?”

The boy considers for a moment, then he says, “I guess it was the new one. Cause the ship had electricity and all that.”

“They did have electricity in 1972”, I say, “In fact, they even had electricity on the Titanic [a film I know he’s seen] and the Titanic sank in 1912.”

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