Some Indie Publishing Links for the Weekend

In addition to juggling two bigger translation projects, at least one of which happens to be mind-numbingly boring*, I am also hard at work getting my first e-novelette ready for launch. I’ve finished the cover and now I’m getting the actual text ready.

Luckily, there is a lot of very helpful information for aspiring indie publishers out there:

Dean Wesley Smith’s Think Like a Publisher series has been enormously helpful in this whole endeavour. The latest installment focuses on production and formatting, which is exactly what I’m dealing with now.

Writer and Game Designer Guido Henkel offers an eight-part series on e-book formatting that goes quite a bit beyond the advice of Dean Wesley Smith. A lot of very useful information there. Plus, it seems that Guido Henkel is a fellow German and that we are both fans of the same horror Romanheft series.

Seth Grodin weighs in on the issue of e-book pricing.

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