More Searchterm Weirdness

Apparently, this post of mine is the top search result, if you enter “zeppelin porn” into Google. I don’t know what I find more disturbing, how many people are googling for Zeppelin porn or how many people misspell “Zeppelin”. Since I get pretty much every misspelling of “Zeppelin” you can imagine.

While on the subject of misspelled porn searches, yesterday I had someone google for “Tarzan sex” with three different misspellings, all of which led him here. Again, I find it disturbing how many ways to misspell Tarzan there are and that the person kept clicking on the same link again and again.

Besides, this being the internet, I’m pretty sure that you’ll find enough erotic Tarzan fanfic to keep you satisfied for days somewhere. However, this person obviously didn’t know where to look for it.

Still, these people have the opposite experience to mine, namely looking for porn and finding something harmless. In my experience, I sometimes google for something complete innoccuous and hit upon porn instead.

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