The Buhlert Web Empire

I’ve spent the past two and a half hours bringing the old ABC Buhlert website back online.

I originally registered as a joint business website for my Dad’s consulting business and my own translation business. However, the site was always very basic and in the past few years sorely neglected.

However, since I still own the domain, I figured it was time to do something with it again. Besides, WordPress makes creating a web presence much easier than in the olden days of handcoding. So as of today, ABC Buhlert is back online again.

There’s not a whole lot there right now, partly because my Dad has still not told me what he wants on his part of the page, whether he wants me to link to some of his business partners and friends, etc… And knowing him, it may take some pestering.

The blog function of probably won’t be used very often, because I have my own blog here and my Dad – though he does know how to use the internet – has never really gotten the hang of social networking and blogging. I have set up an account for him, but I doubt that he’ll use it much. I may post the occasional brief update over there or crosspost a business related post, but the brunt of my blogging will be here. As for whether I’ll persuade my Dad to blog… well, you never know.

And because two sites and two domain names aren’t enough for me – oh, no – I registered a third domain name today. That one will be serve as a hub for the e-book business. Dean Wesley Smith suggests picking a name for your publishing imprint and setting up a dedicated website even if you’re only planning to self-publish your own works. His advice makes sense, so I registered a third domain name. It’s not that expensive and besides, the costs are tax deductible anyway. The site will go online later, when I have something to sell.

And that’s the structure of the Buhlert Web Empire for now.

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5 Responses to The Buhlert Web Empire

  1. Estara says:

    May the Buhlert web empire be the first hugely successful indie e-book publisher in Germany! ABC forever!

    • Cora says:

      Thanks for the good wishes, though the e-book site isn’t online yet.

      ABC was actually taken from our initials, since my Dad is Addy (actually named after my grandpa who happened to share a first name with the guy with the funny mustache, so he goes by a nickname), my mother is Barbara and I am Cora.

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