A quick e-book post

Regarding this whole e-book thing, I have pretty much decided on the first piece I will put up and what I want on the cover, so now it was only a matter of finding the right image and the right location. Hence, today after school I drove out to the Bethsbruch/Rodendamm industrial estate to take photos of concrete walls. I even found the perfect wall, enclosing a junk yard of all places.

Regarding e-books, Jim C. Hines is one of the many authors experimenting with e-books and he chronicles his experiences here, here and here.

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3 Responses to A quick e-book post

  1. Estara says:

    I hope you keep chronicling YOUR experiences with the whole thing, too.

  2. Estara says:

    Also, I came across this link in a comment – a post on how to best promote on the Kindle platform: http://thehendersonfiles.blogspot.com/2011/03/guest-blog-m-louisa-locke-on-selling.html

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