Not Feeling So Hot Linkdump

I’m not feeling too hot today. Schools are hotbeds for all sorts of bugs, unfortunately, but usually I manage to avoid them. Yesterday, however, one of my students came back after several days sick at home with what looked like a nasty cold/flu bug. He was so obviously sick that I asked him whether he didn’t want to go home Maybe I should feel flattered that he likes my class well enough to come even when sick – and it’s an afternoon class, too – but I fear I may have caught whatever he has.

So instead of a longer post, here is a linkdump:

Jim C. Hines on writing during his lunchbreak at Booklife Now.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch continues her Business Rusch series. Lots of stuff to think about there.

Here is a lengthy article by Jim Holt about whether the Internet is changing our brains and whether that is a good or bad thing from the London Review of Books.

Now I can’t shake the image of Woody Allen missing out on the Singularity from my head. I don’t even believe in the Singularity, but I can see it in my mind:

The Singularity happens. Everybody merges with machines and uploads themselves into Cyberspace. Only Woody Allen is left standing alone on the streets of Manhattan.

Woody (adorably confused): “What’s the matter? Where did everybody go?”

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  1. Estara says:

    Wishing you all the best. There is definitely a higher occurrence of true influenza this year, according to my general practitioner’s overview of her clientèle. I got my flu shots late but I did get them. They seem to have worked so far.

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