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German Defence Secretary Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg has resigned over the plagiarism affair. About time.

Hollywood star Jane Russell has died aged 89.

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5 Responses to Breaking News

  1. Estara says:

    Yes, I heard today at school – and was somewhat surprised after all his chuzpah.

    Awww, another one of the classics dead. I quite liked her in various comedies, especially Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Paleface with Bob Hope.

    • Cora says:

      Yeah, after all that “I didn’t do anything wrong” and “Why won’t someone think of the soldiers?” and the support drummed up by BILD and Angela Merkel’s backing, I was surprised that he resigned after all. Though I suspect we haven’t seen the last of zu Guttenberg. The copier room grapevine (kind of appropriate that it is the copier room, where such issues are discussed) felt the same.

      Jane Russell was indeed fabulous and stunning, too. It’s sad how we’re losing ever more of the classic Hollywood stars. There are not very many left now.

  2. Kaz Augustin says:

    Resigned huh? I was following it on Der Spiegel then other events overtook me. Like Estara, I too thought he’d brazen it out. Ah, the Great Right Hope bites the dust…for now.

    And where have all the strong women gone? I finished watching “The Charlemagne Code” (an obvious rip-off of Dan Brown’s works) recently and couldn’t believe how fast the capable professional woman descended into a blubbering mess.

    • Cora says:

      I strongly suspect that we haven’t seen the last of zu Guttenberg. He is only 39, after all, and political memories are short. Though at least we won’t have to worry about him trying to run for Chancellor anymore, political memories are not that short. And the German right is rapidly running out of hopes, since they keep resigning or being sent off to political dead end posts.

      The Charlesmagne Code was one of RTL’s so-called “event movies”. The thing about RTL (and their rival Sat1) is that they rip off anything that ever was successful in the US and put a German spin on it. On occasion, the results are surprisingly good, in other cases it’s an unholy mess. The Charlesmagne Code was the latter. The supposedly professional woman was Bettina Zimmermann who appears in every second made for TV movie these days. I still prefer her to Yvonne Catterfeld, the other actress they keep casting in those films. Because Yvonne Catterfeld doesn’t need to descend, she already starts out a blubbering mess.

    • Estara says:

      Can I just recommend the re-released ebooks of Katherine Eliska Kimbriel’s space opera series Chronicles of Nuala to you? Which I just recced to Cora ^^ – because of your demand for strong women ^^. This was a strong woman protagonist, with various other strong women in the book, in the late 80s – because it is scifi on another planet it doesn’t date itself much, maybe with the love for alien words? Although C.J.Cherryh’s Foreigner series has those, too…

      Other authors with strong women: Sherwood Smith, Martha Wells, Tamora Pierce.

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