German TV Parodies… and Authorized Slash!

This is hilarious. Clips from classic German TV shows reassembled and redubbed at ZDF mashups.

I particularly love the slashy take on Derrick. I mean, it’s a slashy video featuring two beloved TV characters, not just authorized by the copyright holder but even posted on their website. How great is that? And who would have guessed that someone at the ZDF, often nicknamed the station for the 70 to 99 demographic, not only knows that there is such a thing is slash, but also manages not to drop dead at the mere thought that Derrick and Harry could… gasp… be a couple. It makes sense, too, because Derrick and Harry never really had anything resembling a personal life, though Derrick did have a girlfriend in one episode.

I also got a good giggle from the immoral alternate versions of noble Professor Brinkmann* from Schwarzwaldklinik and the equally noble Dr. Burger, the Alpine medic from Der Bergdoktor, probably because the originals were always so incredibly noble and selfless that it’s just plain fun to see them redubbed as money-grubbing bastards. Besides, Klausjürgen Wussow (who played Professor Brinkmann) could play a great villain, as proved by the Edgar Wallace film Der Rote Kreis.

The Traumschiff parody is very mean. Angela Merkel orders the cruise ship captain to maroon welfare recipients on a desert island to balance her budget. In the end, she also orders him to maroon several cabinet ministers.

Finally, the Peter Lustig from Löwenzahn loses his job and contemplates a new career clip is just hilarious. The fake credits are a particularly nice touch.

However, what stuns me most is that those clips can be found on the official ZDF, i.e. the network that originally broadcast those shows, website and that the ZDF authorized them. Who would have thought that the staid old ZDF had a sense of humour? And that they could actually be cool?

*What exactly was he professor of, anyway, considering that his fictional hospital in the Black Forest was far from every university with a medical faculty and teaching hospital?

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