Channel Surfing Weirdness

Sometimes, while flipping through the channels on the TV remote, you can come across some really weird stuff. I had two or rather three moments of channel surfing weirdness today:

  1. Suddenly coming across what was undoubtedly the Eleventh Doctor chatting up a Nazi in full uniform in a men’s toilet. So the Doctor chats up Nazis in toilets now, but he still won’t give Jack what Jack has wanted since the end of season 1 of the new series?Actually, the truth is a lot more prosaic, because the scene I saw turned out to be from Christopher and His Kind, a 2010 biopic about the young Christopher Isherwood (played by Matt Smith), which arte aired as part of their Christopher Isherwood theme evening. Three guesses what the rest of the Christopher Isherwood theme evening consisted of.
  2. Coming across a scene from a very bad German soap opera where the resident bitch (I sometimes have that show on as background noise while grading papers, so I know she is the resident bitch) is lying in bed with her stableboy lover, just as her blind fiance, blinded in – I kid you not – a riding accident, walks in. The rest of the scene, which was undoubtedly intended to be dramatic but really funny as hell, has the stableboy trying to sneak out of the room, being as quiet as possible, so the blind fiance won’t notice what’s up.
  3. Since this show can be incredibly awesome in its sheer absurdity, I left it on, even though I have no papers to grade at the moment and was rewarded by two other characters sharing a tender moment. Just as he is about to lift her top, there is a cut to a very phallic church steeple.
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