Link Roundup for a Busy Day

I’m busy today, so have some links:

From All About Romance: Sentences you won’t find in romance novels. Some of those are just funny, but I’d actually like to see some of those in romance novels at least once in a while. Especially the one about public proposals. Goodness, I can’t think of anything that would be more humiliating.

At the Chronicle of Higher Education, a professor of English at the University of Virginia laments the end of the Western canon and the fact that most people – oh shock – read for entertainment rather than to be inspired.

I thought this sort of high culture – low culture dualism had gone out with the 1970s, but one still finds holdouts from time to time. Dinosaurs die hard, it seems.

On a related note, here is Theodora Goss on what fiction should have and what it should do for the reader.

Here is a great takedown of all of those “male and female brains are completely different and female brains are inferior and only suitable for nurturing professions” pseudoscientific neurological studies from the Times Literary Supplement. I’m very glad to see this crap exposed for the nonsense it is.

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