Visual Inspiration

I don’t have a whole lot to say today, so here are three writing links:

Lilith Saintcrow has a good post on planning fight scenes.

Lynn Viehl writes about style, mood and visual inspiration at Paperback Writer. Some good ideas there. For most of my writing projects, I have a dedicated folder full of images relating to the story in question.

For more on the subject of visual inspiration, Jennifer Crusie has a fantastic essay on using collages in order to make the story come together. On her site, there also are photos of the collages she has done for several of her book. I’ve always wanted to try the collage thing, but so far I haven’t found the time.

The whole collage idea also looks like a great idea for creative writing classes and workshops, particularly with younger writers. If I ever manage to persuade the school to let me teach a creative writing class, I would totally do this with the students.

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