Snowpocalypse Now

Today was another clear and fairly sunny day, though if the weather forecasts are to be believed, the next snowpocalypse will be hitting us tomorrow. Here, it will start snowing early in the morning, perhaps even during the night (though there’s no sign of snow yet, just some very dense fog).

Some areas have already announced school closures for tomorrow. Bremen is operating according to a “The schools are open and classes will take place, but if parents are worried about their children’s safety, they may keep them at home” principle. That’s a cowardly solution, because it places all responsibility on the shoulders of parents, students and teachers, just because the people in charge don’t want to make a decision. My own regions, Landkreis Diepholz and Regierungsbezirk Hannover haven’t made any announcements yet. They usually announce closures only in the morning.

Thankfully, there is a webpage announcing school closures in the state of Niedersachsen, which is a big improvement over my own schooldays when school closures in my region were announced only on a single radio station, a station with music so awful that no one under sixty listened to it voluntarily.

In today’s class, we watched two episodes of Chuck. Chuck always works very well for the older kids such as eighth-graders (the younger ones tend to go for the more fantastic options). It has action, physical humour (always a plus for kids who don’t fully understand the dialogue) and awkward, geeky Chuck is a character teenage boys can identify with.

Tomorrow, based on what I know about the students, I suspect they’ll pick either Doctor Who or maybe Demons. Unless one of the kids brings a DVD, that is.

ETA: The Snowpocalypse is steadily progressing. No sign of it here, yet, but the neighbouring counties of Oldenburg and Vechta just closed their schools.

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