We got yet more snow today. It snowed through much of the night, then it stopped for a while and started up again around midday.

I had to brush the snow from my car three times today, in the morning, at midday just before I drove to school and again when my class had finished. I probably would have had to brush off the car a fourth time, if I hadn’t canceled the grocery store trip I’d scheduled after school. Because the snow fall was so thick this afternoon that I would have had to dig out the car again after fifteen minutes or so in the grocery store. And I really didn’t need the tangerines or the milk that desperately.

I actually made a detour on the way home from school, sticking to the larger roads. The narrow winding road, which is the shortest way from home to school, wasn’t safe enough under the circumstances.

Once I got home, I cleared the snow away from the driveway and front yard. An hour later, it was as thick as before, and I thought, “Screw this! I’m not shoveling snow again.” Though I’m theoretically required to do it. My car is snowed in again, too, and someone wrote my name into the snow on the car. Probably the neighbour kid. He has recently taken to leaving messages in the snow.

And now have some snow photos under the cut:

Back garden in the snow

Here is a photo of my back garden this morning, when there even was a bit of sun.

Neighbour house in the snow

My oak tree and the neighbour house this morning.

My street in the snow

This was what my street looked like this afternoon, while I was shoveling the snow away. The neighbours were clearing their own driveway of snow at the same time, but somehow none of them wandered into the shot.

Neighbour house in the snow

Another photo from this afternoon of my mailbox (in front) and a neighbour house in the snow. Which will probably royally piss off the neighbours in question, since they are paranoid about burglars photographing their house.

Snow smothered planter

A snow smothered garden planter.

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