Yet Another Header

I added another header image to the rotation. For those keeping count, there are now 13 different header images available.

This latest header shows old man Bismarck in his natural habitat, that is the Bismarck monument in the Alter Elbpark in Hamburg St. Pauli. At 34 meters height, the statue has the distinction of being the tallest Bismarck monument in the world. Built between 1901 and 1906, it is also known as the “titan of St. Pauli”.

The German Wikipedia page has some more info. This site (in German) has some photos of the difficult to access WWII bunker underneath the monument including some patriotic murals. The same site also has a page about the old St. Pauli Elbtunnel, another stunning early 20th century construction in Hamburg within sight of the Bismarck monument. I have a bunch of photos of the interior of the old Elbtunnel (there is a new Elbtunnel, a highway tunnel built in the early 1970s), maybe I’ll post a photo essay some time.

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