So what happened to the old blog?

I had a lengthy post drafted, but that one needs more work, so here’s a short housekeeping post instead regarding the question (provided anyone is actually asking him- or herself that question):

Whatever happened to the old site and the old blog?

The answer is, both are gone, since they were hopelessly out of date anyway? I still have a copy of the static parts of the old site on my harddrive, but the blog is gone for good. I needed to make room on the server for the new incarnation of the site. Initially, I tried downloading the old blog, but when that didn’t work, I just deleted it all.

I could probably retrieve some or all posts of the old blog, if Blogger ever lets me into my old account again, but I don’t really want to. The person who wrote the old blog was in many ways quite different from the person I am now (long story and I’m not telling it here) and I wasn’t too keen on keeping those old posts as a reminder. Maybe someday I’ll be more relaxed about this and the old posts will come back, if retrievable. But for now, they’re gone.

I may eventually put up those one page comics I did ages ago again, because my stats show that they got quite a lot of hits right up to the end. Besides, they were kind of neat and I still like them. And I will probably bring back the Disney World poem, because it was one of the top viewed pages on the old site. No idea why that one struck such a chord, but it did.

BTW, so far the top post on the new blog is this one and I’m not quite sure why either, since it was just a bit of frustrated blabbering without saying much of anything at all.

ETA: Just found out that trackback or rather pingback works.

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